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Need Sleep? Learn to Eliminate Loud Interruptions!

If you find yourself still exhausted when the alarm goes off, regardless of the fact that you have had at least eight hours of sleep, you might simply need to learn how to eliminate sleep interruptions. Sleep interruptions can come in many forms; some of the most common include interruptions from your children or partner, physical disturbances, or outside noises.

While you might not be able to eliminate all sleep disturbances completely, getting rid of only one or two problems may tremendously improve your sleep time and quality. Please remember, however, that this article should not be used as a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. If you find that the small changes we recommend do not help your situation, you might want to consider visiting a sleep clinic that will better be able to assess your personal situation.

Eliminate Sleep Interruptions for a Good Morning

Before you panic too much about your daytime exhaustion, try to eliminate sleep interruptions for a good morning. One night, lay a pad of paper and a pen on your bedside table. During the night, quickly record each time you awoke during the night and what caused the interruption. If you find that most of these interruptions were from your partner or children, do not be afraid to sleep in a separate bedroom from your partner. This way, your partner's bad sleeping habits will not affect you, and you can take turns getting up with the children. Sleeping apart does NOT mean that you must reduce your level of intimacy, either. Just make sure there is plenty of personal time together before you go your separate ways for the night.

If the culprit for your difficulties is outside noise, check into different types of noise insulation. Additionally, keep your windows closed and simply turn up the air conditioner. Finally, consider buying a cheap system that plays soothing music (similar to those found in baby departments) to help relax you and drown out less friendly noise.

Finally, there are two main physical reasons for sleep disturbances: bladder problems and sleep apnea. If you find that you continue to get up two or three times a night to use the restroom, even if you always go right before turning in, consider seeking the help of a medical professional. You may have an easily treatable disease, such as overactive bladder. Secondly, in order to eliminate sleep interruptions, you might need to make sure that you do not have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is brief breathing disturbances during sleep and is one of the leading causes of snoring. Sleep apnea should always be controlled under the care of a physician.

While you may be frustrated with your lack of quality sleep now, remember that a good night's sleep is only a few nights away when you follow these steps and seek appropriate medical attention. Sweet dreams!

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