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Sleep Disorders, Apnea, and the Search for a Cure

If you are looking for a sleep apnea cure, there are many different options to try. Sleeping disorders are common in the United States today and range from insomnia to snoring, which a host of others in between. The major problem with the high occurrence of sleep disorders is that it reduces the already small amount of time people have to rest and recharge energy stores. People today are currently so busy and overworked that it is hard to find time to do anything, even something as essential as sleep. Therefore, when something like sleep apnea or snoring consistently disrupts sleep and causes persistent fatigue, it can become a problem that is not only irritating but also dangerous.

Looking for a Sleep Apnea Cure?

Luckily for the many sufferers of this condition, there are a variety of choices for a sleep apnea cure. Sleep apnea is defined as a condition where a sleeping person repeatedly stops breathing while sleeping--sometimes for up to a minute--due to an obstructed airway. The airway can become obstructed in different ways, and it can be completely or partially obstructed. The most common type of airway obstruction results when the airway collapses, shutting off the air flow. A partial airway obstruction severly restricts but does not completely stop air flow, resulting in very shallow, rapid breathing. Both kinds of breathing interferences are naturally corrected when the body awakes itself to restore lung function and air flow, but the normal sleep patterns are continually disrupted throughout the night as a result of this repeated sudden awakening. One of the interesting things about sleep apnea is that the sufferer is often not aware of what is happening because he or she does not regain full awake consciousness when the body "awakes" to begin breathing again.

Because one of the primary causes of sleep apnea is obesity or excess weight, an easy sleep apnea cure in many cases is losing weight to reduce the stress placed on the body and lungs to breathe. Although this will not work in all cases, people who are overweight and suffering from sleep apnea should definitely give weight reduction a try before moving on to experiment with more extreme "cures." Another easy sleep apnea cure in some cases is to adjust the normal sleeping position. Elevating the head and neck and using additional pillows can sometimes allow the airway to remain open without obstruction. As a last resort for extreme cases of sleep apnea, surgery can also be a sleep apnea cure option.

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