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Disorder Affecting Rest: Snoring

A snoring disorder is a very common health problems among Americans, although many of those affected by it may not even be aware of it. Sleep is an important part of everyday life, but many people do not get enough of it as they should due to overly busy schedule and too many obligations. However, lack of sleep can cause problems because it can strain relationships, result in lower job productivity, and affect general health. Snoring is one of the common factors affecting sleep, but it is not an untreatable condition. In most cases, it is very easy to deal with a snoring disorder without resorting to more drastic treatment options.

Snoring Disorder Dangers

A snoring disorder can be both irritating and dangerous, depending on how severe it is. Snoring is essentially caused by vibrations in the breathing passages, which are usually a result of an airway that becomes restricted in some way. In some cases, the tongue can partially or completely block the airway, while in others the airway can just be naturally restricted as a result of allergies, excess weight, the effects of cigarettes, etc. Snoring is oftentimes the main problem in itself, but in some instances the snoring disorder is only a symptom of a bigger problem like sleep apnea. It is important to determine the probable cause for snoring before attempting any serious treatment options because the disorder could be corrected with small lifestyle modifications.

The most common complaint about a snoring disorder is that it affects or interrupts the sleep of roommates or bed partners. Many snorers do not realize that they snore because they do not hear the sounds they make, but other people nearby can be very aware of the disturbance. However, even though those who snore may not be conscious of the sleep interruption, their sleep is often affected, resulting in persistent fatigue and difficulty awaking in the morning. These effects are what make snoring a dangerous disorder because when fatigue continues day after day, people can fall asleep at dangerous times, such as when driving, operating machinery, etc. This lack of energy can also result in poor job performance and in severe cases cause people to even lose their jobs.

Although snoring is a condition that should not be ignored, in many cases there are simple ways to help correct the problem. People who smoke or who are overweight should stop smoking and lose weight because these changes often help open up airways and facilitate better airflow. Alcohol consumed late at night can also close airways, so snorers should take care to limit their alcohol consumption close to bedtime.

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