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Stop Snoring Before Your Relationship Has Problems

Snoring problems are a major source of sleep disturbance. Unfortunately, however, snoring disturbs not only the snorer himself, but also his spouse, roommate, etc. Being woken night after night, in addition to the crankiness and irritability that lack of sleep often creates, can cause marital unhappiness and disharmony. If you are one of the fifty million Americans who snores, you do not want this to happen to you! The best way to avoid this relationship stress is to either cure your snoring symptoms or prevent snoring altogether.

Even though this advice seems relatively simple, curing or preventing snoring may be much more difficult than it appears. However, if you follow our advice, we are quite certain you will be on your way to a more peaceful night's sleep in no time at all!

Curing and Preventing Snoring Problems

Usually, the only way to prevent snoring problems is to follow the old, well-known wives' tales. These include such things as making the snorer avoid sleeping on his back, making him avoid late night snacks, and asking him to lose weight. Some solutions are a little wilder, however: One proverb suggests putting an axe under the snorer's pillow, and another says a piece of the snorer's hair must be buried under a willow tree on a moonlit night.

If none of the more common prevention techniques works for you, your next step should be to try some over-the-counter products, such as nasal strips or throat sprays. If neither of these works, many dentists also create custom-fitted dental devices that work to relax the jaw. Remember, though, that these devices are frequently expensive and are generally not covered by insurance. Because this is the last step before surgery, though, many people still opt for this in hopes of avoiding a painful and invasive medical procedure.

Unfortunately, even surgery is not always effective. If, in spite of all your efforts, snoring is still disrupting both your sleep and that of your partner, you might want to consider sleeping in separate bedrooms. There are many documented cases of couples with wonderful marriages who simply make time for intimate moments before turning in for the night.

If snoring is disrupting your life to the point that you must sleep in a separate bedroom from your spouse, you might want to consider joining an online support group for people with sleep apnea or sleep disturbances. This will not only allow you to relate to those with similar difficulties but will give you a way to find out what has worked for other people in your situation.

Good luck, and sweet dreams!

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