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If Snoring is Bothersome, Find Relief!

For many of the individuals who snore on a regular basis, snoring relief seems like an unattainable dream. In fact, many people have spent a great deal of money on over-the-counter "miracle" cures but have noticed little improvement in their nightly habits. Such chronic snoring not only disrupts the sleep of the snorer and his or her spouse but may also be a symptom of a serious health condition, such as sleep apnea.

One of the best ways to find snoring relief is to find out the main cause of your snoring. Without knowing the cause, you will be treating only the symptoms of snoring, which can be not only ineffective but also dangerous. Therefore, in the next few paragraphs, you will find out about the three main causes of snoring, as well as the most common methods for treating these various difficulties.

Make Snoring Relief a Reality!

Once you know the main cause of your snoring, you might be able to make snoring relief a reality. Causes of snoring range from very minor, easy-to-treat conditions to much more serious conditions that require treatment by a physician. The first cause of snoring is nasal congestion. This is normally treated by nasal decongestants and/or nasal sprays and may even be curable over-the-counter. Usually, nasal congestion causes people to snore occasionally rather than habitually.

The second main cause of snoring is muscle relaxation in the tonsils, uvula, and soft palate. When these muscles relax during sleep, they often partially block the air pathway, creating a vibrating sound as air passes by. This can be treated one of two ways. The least invasive way is to use a dental device which holds the jaw open, keeping the muscles from touching each other as much when they relax. The other option is to undergo a surgical procedure which trims the muscles.

The last, and most serious, cause of snoring is sleep apnea, which occurs when a person momentarily stops breathing. This is either caused by complete obstruction of the pathway by muscle relaxation or when the brain forgets to tell the lungs to breathe. If you think you might have sleep apnea, see a physician immediately!

No matter what the cause of your snoring is or how you decide to treat it, we wish you luck as you embark on your journey towards a restful night's sleep in the near future.

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