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Snoring Causes and Remedies

Snoring rememdies are always being talked about because snoring is a common problem that affects many Americans. Snoring, though very simple, is a serious problem that disrupts the sleep of people throughout the country, causing fatigue, anxiety, irritability, lowered work productivity and performance, and a host of other problems. In most cases, snoring is only a symptom of a bigger problem, and although it can be hard to determine exactly what that cause is, it does make the snoring relatively easy to treat--and eliminate--once the real problem is discovered. In fact, there is such a diverse range of snoring remedies that it is nearly impossible that someone would not be able to find one that works for him or her.

Snoring Remedies: Try These

The first step in deciding which snoring remedies to choose is determining as closely as possible the cause of the snoring. Snoring is an extremely common sleep disorder, partly due to the wide range of causes. Obesity is one of the greatest causes of snoring because the excess weight places strain on the lungs and airway, making it more difficult to breathe and causing problems with obstruction of the airway. Smoking is another common cause because smoking affects the lungs, the airways, and the tissues lining the noise and throat, again making people more prone to altered--more noisy--breathing. Alcohol use before bedtime can cause snoring because it acts as a depressant, affecting breathing and causing extra vibrations within the mouth and throat. For all the above causes of snoring, the snoring remedies are simple: eliminate the excess weight, quit smoking, and reduce alcohol consumption before bedtime.

However, there are other ways to prevent or eliminate snoring that are just as effective--and simple--in certain cases. In some situations, snoring can be caused by sleeping positions that cause noisy vibrations in the mouth and throat. If this is the cause, try sleeping on an extra pillow or a pillow designed to help with snoring. Breathing strips worn on the nose can also help expand nasal passages, reducing the possibility of snoring. For more severe cases of snoring that resist the snoring remedies already mentioned, hynosis can provide a surprising breakthrough in stopping the snoring. Humidifiers that add moisture to dry air can make breathing easier and reduce inflammation or problems in the nose and throat, also helping solve the problem of snoring. Although these are not the only snoring remedies possible, they are a few of the most common and easiest to try.

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