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Machine Designed for Sleep Apnea

The cpap, a sleep apnea machine, is a common way to treat the sleep disorder. Sleep apnea is a widespread problem among Americans, causing lost sleep, lower work performance and productivity, irritability, and increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and other heart diseases. Many of the sufferers of sleep apnea do not realize that they are affected by this common problem because they do not regain full, alert consciousness during the repeated episodes of breathing cessation and awakening. Although snoring is a symptom that other people can identify, it--along with persistent fatigue--is a symptom that can indicate a wide variety of health problems or disorders. As a result, sleep apnea is sometimes difficult to treat mostly because it is frequently misdiagnosed or ignored.

Sleep Apnea Machine Offers Rest

The sleep apnea machine, commonly known as cpap, has been a major breakthrough in the treatment of sleep apnea. CPAP stands for continuous positive air pressure and works to prevent sleep apnea by pushing a pressurized stream of air into the lungs through the nose and mouth. This air stream is strong enough to support the walls of the airway continually, preventing obstruction or collapse, the primary problem causing sleep apnea. The sleep apnea machine consists primarily of a small bedside unit that pumps the air, a breathing mask, and tubing that connects the two.

When people begin using a sleep apnea machine, they almost always make great strides in dealing with their sleep apnea because these machines are effective in treating the condition in over 96% of all cases. Although they may cost a somewhat significant amount initially (usually around $1000 or more), they are simple and easy to use, require little or no medical supervision, and need only slight maintenance. They provide a safe, non-invasive way to deal with the problematic condition and have the risk of only minor side effects.

As with all medical treatments, whether they rely on the use of medicines or machines, there is the risk of side effects when using the sleep apnea machine. Some of the most common side effects are discomfort while sleeping caused by the breathing mask, claustrophobia associated with wearing the mask, and throat and nose dryness and irritation. Although these side effects can be significant enough to cpap users to cause many of them to discontinue cpap therapy, there are ways to deal with each one of these problems that make the sleep apnea machine more comfortable to use. Overall, the sleep apnea machine is a very effective way to treat sleep apnea and has long held the top spot as the preferred treatment option.

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